Firstly, loving the new haircuts on Mike and Dan ! Joined you last night at the Aurora town park, had a blast. Any chance you guys will be bringing posters to your Merch table in the future? I think it's time I post one in my Wine cave, on the wall between Bon Jovi and Keith Harkin, from Celtic Thunder.

TheMudmen responded on 09/25/2017

Well Dan donated his hair for cancer short hair always works good. As for a poster we have had so many line up changes every time we get a good poster someone leaves over Love or their un happy and your stuck with a old poster. We likely will do a 20th anniversary poster next year with pictures of us with celebrities , the band a lot of the founding members aka ( the Campbell Brothers). Hope to see you out again were talking about trying a theatre in Aurora in the new year- Robby

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