What inspired the Campbell brothers to make a wild awsome band an where did the name for the mudmen come from

TheMudmen responded on 01/16/2017

Robby here one of the Brothers. My brother Sandy and I toured/guested with The Irish Rovers, The Chieftains, John McDermott built a story and a built a name. We had to create a home for ourselves so we we started out as touring as The Campbell Brothers. We cahnged the bands name in 1998 when we got signed to EMI as The Campbell Brothers. The name Mudmen came from our jobs being mudmen carrying bricks and mixing Mortar for the Bricklayers. We Mudmen are celebrating our 20 th anniversary in 2018. we are planning on releasing a cd and a life n times book the storied life of the Campbell brothers of Mudmen. There will be lots of stories and you will be able to read about the journey of the brothers . Our new cd old Plaid Shirt is now available for sale live and soon at cd baby. watch for the mudmens Old Plaid Shirt Tour to roll into your town

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